Truckers Benefit Association (TBA) is excited to announce a great number of benefits for our members*. Through TBA, you will have access to industry-wide savings on a variety of benefits. We know you work hard and we’re here to help you save every cent.

Telehealth & Lifestyle Benefits Program:
These discount benefits are not insurance but offer tremendous health cost savings and discounts on everyday living. Discount health benefits range from telemedicine, dental and vision, and medical bill saver. Visit and click on any benefit for a full description. There is no paperwork, no forms filing, and no claims processing. All provider services are paid at the point of utilization or covered by the low monthly fee.

Additional lifestyle benefits include family identification protection, legal access, and roadside assistance (for personal vehicles). Utilization of these benefits can more than cover the cost of the low monthly fee. Plus, there is a 30-day satisfaction/refund guarantee and a contract is not involved.

Health Insurance:
You can purchase health insurance through Enrollment First. The group limited benefit indemnity plan is underwritten through TransAmerica Life Insurance Company. The plan is designed to meet the needs of owner-operators who are not eligible for a group plan or cannot afford traditional major medical insurance. The policy provides valuable benefits that can help pay for day-to-day health care expenses.

Some of the benefits include:
– No waiting period
– Guarantee issue policy with not health questions
– Term life insurance included on all plans
– Prescriptions drug benefit included
– Optional dental and vision coverage available
– Choose only what you need

For more information or to enroll, please call 866-816-6786.

Business Solutions:
ATBS is the largest provider of business services dedicated to owner-operators.  ATBS works to simplify the accounting and tax filing process and provide you tools that can lead to greater business success.

ATBS Standard Business Services provides:
– Personal budget
– Bookkeeping
– Monthly income statements
– Industry benchmarking
– State, Federal & quarterly tax preparation
– UNLIMITED business consulting

Through TBA you will receive ATBS Standard Business Services at a discounted price. TBA members will also receive a copy of the ATBS Build Your Business manual.  The manual provides practical advice on how to reduce costs and maximize profits. To learn more, visit or call 866-431-0370 or click on the ATBS enrollment form to sign up today.

Truckers B2B Discount Program
Many of the benefits provided through Truckers Benefit Association is made possible through our partnership with TruckersB2B. TruckersB2B is a free membership program that provides rebates and discounts to TBA members on most everything needed to run their business. To take advantage of any of the following benefits, members can call TruckersB2B directly at 888-937-6334 or visit

      1.   Fuel Rebate Program
      2.   Tire Rebates from Goodyear
      3.   Emergency Tire Repair from Road Call
      4.   New Truck Rebates from International Trucks
      5.   Used Truck Rebates from Quality Equipment Sales 
      6.   Breakdown Service from InterStar
      7.   Preventive Maintenance Discounts at TA and Petro
      8.   Temperature Control Systems/APUs Rebates from Thermo King 
      9.   Parts Discounts with the Fleet Advantage Card from International Trucks
      10. Software Rebates from Prophesy
      11. Mobile Communications Discounts from PeopleNet
      12. Wireless Phone/Data Service Discounts from Sprint and Nextel
      13. Freight Finding Discounts from GetLoaded and TruckersEdge
      14. Compliance/EOBR Discounts from Xata Turnpike
      15. Truck Stop Scanning Discounts from TRANSFLO Express AND TRANSFLO Now
      16. Legal Services through the Open Road Drivers Plan
      17. Permit Savings from Permit America
      18. Office Supplies Discounts from SmartXpress
      19. Fuel Tax Reporting Discounts from Driveline
      20. Toll & Bypass Savings through BESTPASS
      21. Accounts Receivable Financing funded by Marquette or Advance Business Capital
      22. Hotel Savings at more than 7,000 locations

Additional information on each of these TruckersB2B benefits can be found by clicking here.

*Restrictions apply.